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Abdominoplasty & Tummy Tuck Surgery in Panipat

Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) is a cosmetic surgery procedure performed to lift the abdomen, remove excess skin, correct the waistline and subcutaneous fat tissue on the anterior abdominal wall.

Tummy tuck procedure becomes necessary after a subsequent weight gain or loss, after pregnancy, childbirth, and in other conditions when the anterior abdominal wall muscles get overstretched, causing diastasis (muscle divergence).

In most cases, it's almost impossible to remove diastasis with the help of running or regular exercise due to the severe anatomical changes. In such cases, a plastic surgeon can perform an abdominoplasty procedure to tighten the stomach, making the figure slim and harmonious.

Who is Abdominoplasty & Tummy Tuck Suitable for?

There are multiple reasons to understand if you are a suitable candidate for an abdominoplasty:
  • Due to age, muscle weakness, pregnancy, or hereditary predisposition, the abdomen skin began to sag.
  • People with a slim built, stable weight but excess fat and skin in the abdomen area are the best candidates for this surgery. Therefore it is recommended to bring the weight to an acceptable state before proceeding to the surgery. This will help you determine exactly how much excess skin and fat on the abdomen should be removed.
  • You are physically healthy and not suffering from any serious chronic diseases. The tummy tuck operation can be quite lengthy, and the human body must be able to cope with the stress arising from the abdominoplasty procedure. Therefore, it is recommended to consult in detail with your doctor before proceeding with the surgery.

Types of Abdominoplasty

Modern uses today in the field of aesthetic surgery have expanded the possibilities of tummy tuck surgery, allowing conditions for same and minimally traumatic operations. Nowadays, the most popular methods of abdominoplasty include:

Complete Abdominoplasty: In this belly plastic surgery, the doctor corrects the most evident changes in the contours of the abdomen due to the sharp increase or weight loss, postponing childbirth, and various other abdominal surgeries. Generally, this procedure is performed under anaesthesia, which allows you to completely restore fat deposits and excess skin, remove diastasis of the rectus muscle and form beautifully toned abdominal contours.

Mini Abdominoplasty: This mini tummy tuck surgery is performed because of the loss of muscle tone in the abdominal zone, slight ptosis of the abdominal skin, and the formation of excess fatty tissues in the lower abdominal wall. The procedure is performed by Dr Soni with access through an incision in the bikini area. Most often, during this surgery, general anaesthesia is administered.

Endoscopic Abdominoplasty: In this kind of plastic surgery, an endoscope is used to correct and tighten the muscular corset of the abdominal zone. Usually, this procedure is only recommended in cases where diastasis is observed without stretching the skin as well as without adipose tissue.

Benefits of Tummy Tuck Surgery:

Fast: Get a flat tummy, a beautiful waist, get rid of stretch marks and skin, all in one procedure.

Safety: All sorts of medical support is provided during the rehabilitation period: consultations, dressings, rehabilitation.

Painless: Modern medical anaesthesia procedures make the procedure entirely safe and painless. It takes around 1-2 hours for the entire surgery.

Invisible Scar: After the procedure, minimally recognizable scars remain (around the navel and in the lower abdomen along the upper edges of the bikini area). Cosmetic absorbable sutures are applied to minimize the traces of operation.

Individual Approach: Depending on the complexity and degree of excess skin, patient's body type and adipose tissue, liposuction, mini tummy tuck surgery, or classical abdominoplasty procedure is performed.

Lasting Result: If the patient didn't suffer from significant weight fluctuations and hormonal shifts, the abdominoplasty effect will remain with you for a long time.

How to Prepare for a Tummy Tuck?

  • Visit Dr Soni's Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Centre in Panipat. You will get to talk about your final results and learn from the plastic surgeon, whether you require a complete tummy tuck, a partial tummy tuck, or a mini tummy tuck.
  • You will need to quit smoking at least two weeks before and two weeks after the surgery. It will help increase the recovery speed.
  • Also, consult your nutritionist and prepare a well-balanced menu. A healthy diet will help you recover faster.
  • You may also require to stop taking any medications. Your doctor will let you know about the drugs you can take and for how long.
  • Before you opt for tummy tuck surgery, you should have a stable weight for 12 months. If you are overweight, doctors will most likely recommend losing some excess weight.

Price for Tummy Tuck Surgery

The cost of tummy tuck surgery depends on the experience and qualifications of the plastic surgeon, the quality of service provided in the clinic, the volume and complexity of the procedure in each case, and the chosen surgery method. Why stress yourself while searching for the cost of tummy tuck surgery in Haryana? Contact our experts today and get the right quotation based on your requirement.
Abdominoplasty Results
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A flatter and more toned abdominal area is noticeable right away. As long as the patient maintains their weight with a balanced diet and regular exercise and abdominoplasty will provide long-lasting results.

Real results of Abdominoplasty

Generally, most people love how they look after this procedure. That can take time, though. You may not feel like your normal self for months after the surgery. Diet and exercise can help you maintain the results.


The tummy tuck surgery is for people who have big tummy fat but can't lose it. On the other hand, liposuction is preferred for removing small fat deposits and is not as invasive as the tummy tuck procedure. The tummy tuck is more intensive than liposuction. Moreover, liposuction only removes the fat, whereas the tummy tuck can rebuild the muscle of the abdomen and remove extra skin
In mini tummy tuck surgery, the doctor makes an incision around the hip, between your pubic areas and belly button. You can go home on the same day, but it can take 5-6 weeks for your final result. You may not stand straight after coming home.
After your belly plastic surgery, you can go home even on the same day (depending on the surgery), but returning to work may take 3 to 4 weeks. Your body will regain energy by that time and make you able to work correctly.
The belly plastic surgery has permanent results that stay for the rest of your life. Doctors remove the extra fat and skin from the tummy area during the procedure, and the internal suture to repair the stomach muscles will remain forever.
Yes, a hernia can be repaired with tummy tuck surgery, and it can be done as a combined surgery. Still, if the hernia is large, the surgeon will work with another experienced one during the same operation to carry out tummy tuck surgery. It is common to perform both surgeries at one time.
Yes, you can get pregnant after the tummy tuck surgery. However, it's major surgery, so you must give time to heal and recover from the side effects before getting pregnant. Pregnancy is essential to a woman's life, so taking a one-year gap for tummy tuck surgery after it is recommended.
After the tummy tuck surgery, you may experience swelling for a minimum of 3 months. Moreover, you may feel numb in your stomach for months or, in some cases, for years. Some patients feel that the tummy is pulled inside when they stand straight. Also, don't worry, as it's common to have marks on your abdominal area.
To select the right surgeon for your procedure, you need to find a surgeon with years of experience and numerous success stories. Identify that your doctor is certified by the professional licensing board. If you're looking for tummy tuck surgery in Panipat or tummy tuck surgery in Haryana, you can contact us immediately! We have an in-house team of tummy tuck surgery experts.


This is our actual patient. Pictures have been posted with consent. This is not a representation of the typical results because individual results may vary based on the type of treatment and other factors.

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