Liposuction vs. Diet and Exercise

Can diet/exercise be an alternative to liposuction surgery? A common misconception about liposuction is that the same results could be achieved through traditional weight loss methods of diet and exercise. Another notion that prevails is that one need not follow their diet and exercise routines...
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Mesotherapy - Get Healthy Hair and Skin

In the present date, we need not depend only on our genes to be beautiful; thanks to the latest cosmetic procedures. Being beautiful counts for healthy skin as well as hair. MESOTHERAPY is one procedure, which treats both of these, is non-surgical in its technique...
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Laser hair removal: Permanent or a Temporary fix?

When it comes to removing the body and facial hair, what most people opt for? Pointy razors while taking a shower? Or Trimming them down before an event or gym session? Or maybe painful waxing appointments every fortnight? Well, talking about alternatives, only 1 thing...
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Best Plastic Surgeon in Panipat - Haryana

We agree to it or not but the outer appearance of a person is the first thing that we notice. The eye always sees if a person is aesthetically put together or not. Your appearance can decide various outcomes of your life. The important variables...
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Best Hair Transplant centre in Panipat

We've helped many men and women restore fuller, thicker heads of their own naturally growing Hair through our Hair transplant procedure. Hair transplantation is really about relocating (transplanting) the bald resistant hair follicles from the...
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Difference between a Lift and an Implant

The two terms: LIFT and IMPLANT are majorly used in the dictionary of plastic and cosmetic surgery. For a layman it's definitely not an easy task to know about these things in great detail. Hence, it adds one more pointer to the list of difficulties...
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The Future of Plastic Surgery

Talking about plastic and cosmetic treatments, when asked about it, people always contribute to it in mixed reactions. The answers include A support. there's nothing wrong undergoing a knife and a beautiful face and a beautiful body can be attained, that we do not have...
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