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Best Hair Loss Treatment In Panipat

Hair loss is the most common problem that is increasing in the world. According to a report, every human faces hair loss once in their life. There are several reasons for having hair loss, it is important that you should consult the best hair specialist once to know the reason and to control it with the best hair treatment. We at Dr. Soni's Plastic Surgery Hair Transplant Center provide the best hair loss treatments by diagnosing the reason and the treatment.

Reasons For Hair Loss And
Best Suitable Treatment For It


Lack Of Nutrition: It is the most common reason for hair loss, people are involving more and more in unhygienic and unhealthy food, causing lack of nutrition and this is the reason due to which people face huge hair loss. Lack of necessary vitamins and nutrition weakens the hair follicles causing hair loss.
Alopecia Areata: Alopecia is a condition in which a person loses hair in small patches. In the starting period, these patches are unnoticeable but they increase meanwhile if you do not opt for a suitable treatment to control it. Alopecia generally develops when the immune system attacks the hair follicles, causing hair loss at different parts of the scalp.
Androgenetic Alopecia: Androgenetic alopecia is the most common hair loss problem which mostly attacks men, around 70% of the men in the world face androgenetic alopecia, this type of hair loss involves baldness from the hairline recession and vertex balding, in some cases women also face things type of hair loss which exhibits a diffuses hair thinning over their scalp.
Male Pattern Baldness: Male pattern baldness is considered as the loss of hair on the scalp of men, there are various reasons for having male pattern baldness, like hormonal changes, genetic reasons, and more. According to a report, around every second man in the world is having male pattern baldness.
Advanced Male Pattern Baldness: Hair loss is the most common problem due to which many people feel embarrassed and face millions of problems. Advanced male pattern baldness is a condition in which men lost almost all the hairs on the scalp which are almost untreatable and have less follicle in the donor area, but we at Dr. Soni's hair transplant clinic had a new concept to deal with this problem.


Advanced Mesotherapy: We at Dr. Soni's plastic surgery and hair transplant clinic provide advanced mesotherapy in Panipat with the latest technology and techniques, the process of mesotherapy includes injections of vitamins, enzymes, hormones, and plant extracts are used to trigger the natural growth of hair.
Advanced PRP Therapy in Panipat: Advanced Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is a process in which a concentration of plasma with platelets from the red blood cells and white blood cells are removed, this combination of PRP is taken from the own blood of the patient and then injected into the scalp of the patient which triggers new hair growth. Our clinic believes in providing the best treatment to our patients using the latest technologies and personalized equipment.
Low-Level Laser Therapy: Low-level laser therapy is considered as the best treatment for people having androgenetic alopecia, it is a safe treatment through which patients can achieve thicker, stronger, and healthier hair and if you opt for this treatment at Dr. Soni's Clinic, we assure you to provide the best rejuvenation of hair follicles resulting in newer and thicker hair growth.
BIO FUE Hair Transplant: BIO FUE is one of the unique concepts of Dr. Soni Hair Transplant Clinic in PANIPAT which we ensure to provide you maximum coverage over baldness, it is a combination of PRP therapy and FUE hair transplant, in this technique growth factors are separated from blood and re-injected into the transplanted area along with keratin plasma, this process is mainly done after a hair transplant to ensure better and thick results of transplanted hair, Dr. Soni is the best in dealing with BIO FUE hair transplant with successful results along with using the unique concept of keratin plasma.
Micropigmentation + BIO FUE: After BIO FUE hair Transplant, we cover the bald area with a BIO hair transplant & if the follicle is less in the donor area then we suggest going for body hair transplant and some area can be covered with scalp micropigmentation. Scalp micro pigmentation is the best treatment for this type of baldness where even after transplant some area can not be covered, in this process experts at our clinic provides you tiny ink marks & micro follicle on your scalp that looks exactly like the hairs, it is not a tattoo, and the whole process is done with a non-toxic pigment which results in natural-looking small hair resemblance on a bald scalp.

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