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Lip Reduction

Having beautiful and seductive lips can be the dream of everyone as these may give us chance to flaunt in social gatherings with beautiful facial appearances and smiles. As the lips are the first noticeable feature of the face so any issue with them can make you unhappy. Most people have lip issues due to the large size lips but now it is possible to shape up your lips with lip reduction surgery.
In lip reduction surgery in India lips are shaped up according to the desire of the patient and proportionate to face by removing inner fat and tissue.

Benefits of Lip reduction

  • After surgery patient can have cute lips of adequate size.
  • You can have the size of your lips as per your realistic expectations
  • This is a safe procedure and in 3-7 days patient get recover from the surgery
  • This procedure ensures the prompt results
  • With the proper shape and size lips that are proportionate to your face, you will feel more confident

Candidates for Lip reduction

Generally, the patients that have large lips can go for this surgery but the patient must have good physical and mental health. A person must have realistic expectations from the surgery. Even the patients that are not happy with their past lip augmentation surgery can also go for this surgery to have the proper shape of lips.

Lip reduction surgery

This surgery is performed under local anesthesia on an outpatient basis. In rare cases, the surgeon may also use general anesthesia so that you could have comfortable and painless surgery. During the surgery horizontal incision inside the lip is made by the surgeon carefully. Then the excess fat and tissue is removed from the lip. Then the incision is closed with the stitches. This surgery can be performed either for the upper lip or for the lower lip but can also be performed for both lips to improve the patient’s appearance. This entire procedure takes 2-4 hours depending on the patient's requirements.


Recovery time for this surgery is quite shorter as the patient gets fit in 3-4 days after surgery. After the procedure patient may feel some discomforts but all are minor and get vanish in few days. However, after the surgery patent is asked to take pain medications, apply ice bags to the lips so that swelling and pain can be reduced. As for this surgery, most of the time dissolvable sutures are used so there is no need to go for stitches removal to the center. The patient can resume his daily activities in a week and can get actual results in few weeks.

The cost of Lip Reduction Surgery in Haryana

Cost of this surgery depends on the extent of fat and tissue removal during the surgery so the cost of lip reduction surgery in Panipat is determined on the basis of the size of lips and expected size of lips after surgery.
Consult us today to know about the estimated cost of lip reduction surgery and other details.

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