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Hair mesotherapy can also be called "mesoplasty" or "mesohair". It represents a variety of minimally invasive techniques in which medications are directly injected into the scalp in order to improve alopecia and hair growth.

MESO hair transplant

Mesotherapy is an alternative treatment that helps to cure baldness in both males and females by reducing hair loss, promoting hair growth, and slowing male pattern baldness. It is a process that regulates the proteins, vitamins, and other nutrient levels and growth factors in the scalp of the patient suffering from balding. This is done by injecting in the least painful way, nutrient boosters in the scalp with the help of an injection gun to aid in the nourishing and hydrating of the scalp. This also includes initiating cell metabolism, eliminating infections and promoting and accelerating hair growth, improving blood circulation in the scalp, and strengthening and reviving the hair follicles to help create dense, voluminous, strong, long, and healthy tresses. This is a comparatively faster treatment than its counterparts as it helps to gradually restore hormonal balance and neutralizes the effects of DHT hormone leading to accelerated growth of new hair strands.

Why Mesotherapy hair transplantation?

Alopecia, commonly termed as hair loss or baldness, is the problem of loss of hair from the scalp and the body. It is experienced by people throughout the world. This issue is faced by both genders but the intensity and pattern of hair fall are different. The word baldness is, however, generally used to describe male pattern baldness in specific – partial or total lack of hair on the scalp with limited or no hair growth at all. It is characterized by receding hairline, patchy hair loss, and thinning crown, and is mainly caused by unhealthy lifestyle practices, hormonal imbalances, aging, hereditary factors, intake of steroids and other severe forms of medication, illnesses, pregnancy in women, hair styling, and poor health care practices.

How is the treatment done?

The treatment itself takes between 10 and 30 minutes depending on the extension of the area being treated. Usually, a minimum of 10 sessions is required to stimulate hair growth. We recommend starting with an intensive course of treatments every 2 weeks for the first 2-3 months. The frequency then gradually decreases and the results of hair rejuvenation become evident already after 2-3 months. In order to keep the results maintenance treatments are needed generally once every 2 to 3 months.

How effective is the treatment?

Mesotherapy is painless and a quick procedure which have 92% to 90% successful results in hair growth. It is beneficial as it negates the DHT hormone, and ensures hair regrowth.

Benefits of MESO Hair transplant

Benefits of Mesotherapy for Scalp
  • Tremendous improvement in the quality of existing hair
  • Reduction in Hair fall
Mesotherapy for Scalp is used to Treat
  • Non-androgenic alopecia and repair hair that has been prematurely damaged by environmental agents (sun, pollution, etc)
  • Hair thinning
  • Treat hair loss for women
  • To eliminate dandruff and seborrhea
  • To treat thin and/or devitalized hair.

Care and Maintenance

This wonder treatment can prevent the need for hair transplant surgeries and other expensive and painful alternatives. But for best and speedy results, the patient should maintain a healthy diet, eliminate intake of junk food and toxins and religiously follow a fitness regime and regular exercise program.


Mesotherapy treatment is used to cure baldness for both males and females. It is applied by injecting many minerals, vitamins, and amino acids required in the scape of your hair to improve problems like alopecia, which promotes hair growth.
Meso hair therapy is a widely used technique for male pattern baldness for men. It is a treatment that helps cure baldness in both males and females as it regulates the vital nutrients, vitamins, protein, and other factors in the scalp of the patient suffering from hair loss.
Yes, the mesotherapy for hair loss is painful, but the side effects may vary from person to person. Some may face redness on the scalp and itchiness on the roots after this procedure.
Mesotherapy is a non-invasive treatment that involves a few injections on the scalp. It improves thin hairs by converting them into thick hair. Although, some people may experience redness orburning sensation in the targeted area. Each session has a short recovery time of 5-4 days.
Compared to high invasive procedures, mesotherapy for hair is the safest solution for curing hair loss or baldness. It is a straightforward and convenient treatment as it generally leaves no scars and marks on the head surrounding tissues and allows the scalp to rejuvenate.
The areas covered in mesotherapy hair treatment are the upper part of the head and the back of the ear. The injection provides compounds like vitamins, plant extract, minerals, bioactive substances, and antioxidants to boost hair growth.
Numerous ingredients are incorporated into the injection depending on the severity of your hair issues. The ingredients used in mesotherapy are L-carnitine, deoxycholate(DC), aminophylline,hyaluronidase, and phosphatidylcholine (PC).
To select the right surgeon for mesotherapy, you need to select an expert with good experience in this field. Analyze whether the surgeon is certified and check the rating and number of procedures performed with the complication rates. If you are looking for meso hair treatment in Panipat or mesotherapy for hair in Haryana, you can contact us immediately.

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