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Micro pigmentation

While there are several available choices for treating hair loss, most are unreasonably dear, unreliable, and increase your frustration rather than relieving it. Hair transplants typically leave nasty scars and usually price way more than the worth you receive. Hair Clubs are terribly dear and might need virtually a period of returning and maintaining. Wigs are an alternative choice; however, most men merely don’t feel comfortable with the potential embarrassment which may be caused by displacement. Wigs additionally would like continual maintenance, and therefore the reality of it’s this: wigs rarely do a convincing job of covering up hair loss. Direct MPG is the process of getting ink marks on your scalp that look like tiny hairs; a technique known as "Cosmetic Hair Follicle replication". It is not a tattoo, nor a form of cosmetic makeup. Enhance hair density and cover the bald region. The MPG is a new and promising treatment for higher density visibility and to cover bald spots. It uses a non-toxic pigment and is performed in a way to offer an accurate stimulation of baby follicles. It is applied to the scalp, in the form of small dots or lines, between existing hair (transplanted or not). It can be used on your hair for a thickening effect or on a bald area to create a haven look.

How does Micro pigmentation work?

MPG is used for a variety of scalp conditions, including genetic male pattern baldness, scarring alopecia, and scarring from neurosurgical procedures and burns. Any person who is confronted with androgenic alopecia can use this technique. Individuals, who have suffered some sort of wound or trauma in the past, whether it is in the form of a scar or a burn, can use MPG. Patients who have had strip surgery can also use it to conceal their wounds and scars. Moreover, those who have undergone a hair transplant are also welcomed to have this procedure done.

What is Scalp Micro Pigmentation?

Scalp Micro Pigmentation, or SMP as it is commonly known, is not just a regular hair tattoo but a highly specialized process during which tiny deposits of pigment are positioned within the dermal layer of the skin. When applied by a skilled practitioner, these deposits replicate the look of real haven hair. Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is a highly advanced method of cosmetic pigmentation. While similar to traditional tattooing, Scalp Micropigmentation is also unique in a variety of ways. SMP involves the use of highly specialized equipment and techniques to inject pigment into the scalp. Scalp Micropigmentation is an extremely intricate procedure with a guaranteed result. The quality of your treatment depends on two things: Using the most up-to-date equipment, and getting your treatment from the most skilled and experienced practitioners. At Hairline Ink, we use a special computer-controlled system, the most cutting-edge technology in the industry, to ensure you receive a consistent appearance across the head and completely flawless results. Each treatment is tailored to your exact skin color and type. As Hairline Ink was founded with the intention of being the leaders in the Scalp Micropigmentation industry, we only employ practitioners whose expertise is undeniable, with a record of proven results.

How does Scalp Micro Pigmentation work?

When we implant our ink into the affected area, we carefully match your natural hair color with skillful precision. Additionally, we shade darker than your natural colour, which gives the illusion of a shadow and the appearance of three-dimensional, natural hair. The treatment at Hairline Ink is administered softly, in a gentle approach, and results look unbelievably natural. Each client's needs are unique. During your consultation, we will talk to you about exactly what results in you want to get, and ensure a custom procedure, designed to give you the desired effects that you’re looking for.

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