As a 24-year old suffering from gynecomastia, I was thrilled by Dr. Soni's care and treatment at our first meeting. He explained the condition in detail to me along with what sort of grade my case had been classified as. The surgery itself went without issues or complications;I was discharged the same day. It helped immensely that he is such an excellent surgeon who has years of experience under his belt. Overall, I would recommend him for anyone needing Gynecomastia surgery. Thankyou for changing my life!

Rahul, 24 Male


I couldn't be happier with my Hair Transplant from Dr. Sanjay Soni! The results are beyond expectations and I'm so glad that I chose to go through this procedure with him. His work is precise, he made me feel at ease during the whole process. The staff was courteous and made me feel at home during the entire procedure. I am incredibly happy and would recommend him to anyone who wishes to get hair transplant done in Haryana and Delhi NCR.

Aman, 32 Male

Hair Transplant

I am overjoyed with my Breast Augmentation surgery results! Dr. Sanjay Soni is very professional and efficient, he made me feel comfortable throughout the whole process. If I ever need to get another cosmetic procedure done in the future, there's no doubt that it would be with him only; I highly recommend this surgeon for his skill and expertise as a plastic surgeon.

Deeksha, 35 Female

Breast Augmentation

After meeting the Dr Soni, I realized that rhinoplasty and liposuction were safe. My experience was a breeze after surgery since my recovery is well-managed by his team of professionals with proper care instructions. Still waiting for results!

Priyanka, 28 Female


After my rhinoplasty surgery, I felt confident and happy with the results. My nose no longer looked deformed, giving me a boost of self-esteem that I always lacked. I'd definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to go for any cosmetic surgery. He is very skilled and experienced

Simran, 30 Female


I went into Dr. Sanjay Soni's office for a liposuction surgery and the results were amazing! He turned me from an apple to an hourglass figure in 48 hours so I was up and about. My new slim waistline has given me major boost of confidence, thanks again to his expertise!!

Rida, 36 Female


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