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Breast Augmentation Surgery

Women always want to look perfect, and the shape and size of their breasts are by nature rarely perfect. Moreover, they can be hardly corrected with the help of physical exercises or other non-surgical methods.

Beautiful breasts for many women is a guarantee of self-confidence and plays a significant role in shaping the overall quality of life. In modern plastic surgery, breast augmentation surgery is almost in the first place in popularity. Medical advancements have made it possible to carry out such an intervention as safely as possible to achieve excellent results.

Indications for the Surgery

In most cases, the primary reason behind the surgical correction of the mammary glands is the women's desire to correct the shape and size of the bust, aesthetic considerations, rejection of the available volume, and psychological discomfort. Therefore, during breast augmentation surgery, doctors identify the following aesthetic drawbacks that can be corrected during the procedure:
  • Dissatisfaction with the shape and size of the mammary glands.
  • Micromastia (small breast size).
  • Sagging, prolapse (ptosis) of the mammary glands after pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Due to mastectomy (removal of breast with the help of surgery).
  • Dissatisfaction with the previously installed implants (their volume, shape, etc.).
Should you opt for breast augmentation surgery? The answer to this question is straightforward. If you have:
  • Too small breasts in comparison with the rest of the body.
  • Discomfort while selecting a swimsuit, tight clothes or dresses with a large neckline.
  • After childbirth, there are significant changes in the breast, ptosis of the mammary glands, or other deformities of the bust.
  • There is a significant decrease in the bust volume, and the skin has sagged due to sharp fluctuations in weight.


Breast augmentation surgery is not recommended for women who do not have children. The final phase of the development of the mammary glands occurs during lactation, so the procedure carried out before childbirth may disrupt the complete blood supply to the breast.

Breast augmentation surgery is not performed in following cases:

  • Women under 16 years of age.
  • If the person is suffering from serious hormonal disorders.
  • With the presence of severe diseases.
  • If the person is suffering from malignant tumours and problems with blood clotting.
  • During pregnancy, lactation and within six months after its end.

How the Breast Augmentation Surgery is Performed:

During the initial phase of consultation, the surgeon determines the shape and size of the breast implants, as well as how they are going to be placed. Computer modeling is performed, during which the women see an approximate picture of the results and express their opinions.

In most cases, the operation is performed under general anaesthesia. The incision is made in the most inconspicuous areas, around the areola, in the armpit or in the fold under the gland. The choice of access is decided at the stage of consultation. According to the physique of the patient and the desired result, the implants can be planted:

  • Directly under the gland tissue.
  • Under a fascia or muscle.
  • In a combined method.

After the placement of implants and fixing of the drains, sutures and bandages are applied to the incisions.

Benefits of Breast Augmentation with Implants

  • With the help of correctly chosen implants, women can significantly improve their breast shape, making it more toned and voluminous.
  • With the help of implants, the breast does not sag and does not lose volume with age or with drastic weight loss.
  • It allows women to correct pronounced asymmetry or restore the mammary glands even after its removal.
  • Compatibility with other surgical procedures to correct the shape of the bust, in particular, lifting.
  • Satisfaction and self-confidence with one's appearance after the breast augmentation surgery.

Recovery After Surgery

After breast augmentation surgery, the plastic surgeon leaves several recommendations for the rehabilitation period, the implementation of which helps reduce the risks related to complications. They include:
  • Wearing compression undergarment
  • Taking several medications (pain relievers, antibacterial agents)
  • Restriction of physical activity
  • Treatment of seams with antiseptics
  • Restriction of water procedures and sun exposure
  • Sleep exclusively on the back
  • Periodic check-ups with a plastic surgeon.

After the breast augmentation surgery, the stitches are removed in 7-10 days, and the swelling subsides within a month. Then one can evaluate the final results of the procedure. Soreness after the procedure lasts for several days and is relieved with short-term medication.

Breast Augmentation Surgery Cost in Panipat at Dr. Soni's Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Centre

The overall costing of the breast augmentation surgery primarily depends on the model, complexity, and materials used (type and type of breast implants). In addition, it also includes compensation for the costs of anaesthesia, the work of medical personnel, and other hospital charges. So if you’re seeking any help regarding the breast augmentation surgery cost in Haryana, we are here to assist you. Call us today to know more.You can also visit Dr. Soni's Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Centre in Panipat to get in-person assistance from our experts.

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Breast augmentation can change the size and shape of your breasts. The surgery might improve your body image and self-esteem. But keep your expectations realistic, and don’t expect perfection. Also, your breasts will continue to age after augmentation. Weight gain or weight loss might change the way your breasts look, too.
If you become dissatisfied with the appearance of your breasts, you might need more surgery to correct these issues.


After breast augmentation, you may feel some changes in nipple sensation, and it is very common. However, the sensation returns to normal in a couple of months but saying that it won't return to normal is wrong. It may happen with only larger implants.

After breast augmentation surgery, a little pain and tenderness are pretty standard for two to three weeks, and the tightness subsides with swelling, which can take around three to four weeks. So, it takes around six-seven weeks to get back to normal.

There are two significant types of breast implants: silicone-filled breast implants and saline-filled breast implants. Where silicon fills the outer shield with silicon that comes in different sizes and is saline-filled, the outer part is filled with a sterile salt water solution.

After the breast augmentation, you may feel weak and sore for two to three weeks with swellings. There are sensations of stretching and pulling in your breast area. You will feel good daily by taking medicines the surgeon prescribes for one to two weeks.

After the breast augmentation surgery, there are scars left by incisions that look red. After some time, it gets flat, and the color becomes slightly paler than your original skin. It will be more visible if you have a pale skin tone.

After the breast augmentation, one breast can become firm, and the other may feel soft. It is due to complications caused by excessive scars and capsular contractions. To make it back to normal, you need to do breast massages that the surgeon recommends.

There are numerous breast implants like silicone breast implants, structured saline breast implants, saline breast implants, gummy bear breast implants, smooth breast implants, round breast implants, and textured implants. The saline breast implant is the best option for women who want fewer incisions and have enough breast tissues to cover the implant for a more natural look.

After the breast augmentation treatment, it depends on the healing time of your body. Most of the women get back to normal in just one week. However, it is essential to take proper care of yourself and rest for a minimum of one week.

To select the best surgeon for this role, you need to check whether they have any good breast augmentation experience and have successfully performed surgeries in the past. They should know about this treatment and how to do the procedure. You can visit our center to get hassle-free breast augmentation surgery.

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